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Mission Statement

CyberVision Technologies, LLC (CVTECHLLC) is an Information Technology Security consultancy established with a mission to contribute to resolving the ever-growing cyber war that faces the United States and the world at large. CyberVision Technologies supports both government and commercial entities around the globe securing and protecting asset and information. We also have a mission to train and equip individuals and corporate entities with sharpened skill and knowledge to launch into the cyber world and ensure protection of intellectual property and personal information. In this pursuit, CyberVision Technologies strives to protect and defend the solid values on which great cultures within the United States and the world thrive; a depiction symbolized in our logo. At CyberVision, we belief that the sky is no longer anyone’s limit, and the only way we can aspire and achieve beyond the sky in the cyber world is when we instill in our work ethics the spirit of “working smarter, not harder.”

Why Choose US?

1. Why change career into Information Technology (IT)?

a) The global world is going IT, so why not YOU?

b) IT is currently about the fasted growing career industry globally

c) IT has about the greatest potential for assuring job security

d) IT is imperative because we are not only living in a technologized world but that we are also using technological appliances that we have to be knowledgeable about.

e) Living in an IT-oriented world requires that we, at least, knows the basics for our own personal and home security. IT makes us aware of our “surroundings”.

f) If you agree that it is imperative that we know the basics, then we might as well convert this basic knowledge into a powerful income generating career

g) IT is currently about the most time and cost effective career. You may secure training in IT within a short time and for a minimal cost without student loans to worry about, and yet launch a job easily that can potentially begin with a salary up to the 6 figures.

2. Why Cybervision Technologies,LLC (C-Tech)?

a) We make the course more practical and easy to understand

b) We incorporate all necessary IT frameworks into one package for you at one price

c) We provide you with all necessary reading materials for your convenience

d) We help you build your new IT resume

e) We prepare you for the IT interview

f) We guide you in your IT job search, and

We stand with you for your initial on-the-job assistance.

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